4 comments on “Episode 63 — Batman: The Dark Knight Returns

  1. Once again, great podcast! This one came at a pretty good time for me too since I just recently picked up TDKR with both parts on blu-ray. Have you guys ever thought of doing a show discussing some animated adaptations of specific stories, or just discussing some of the better or well-made animated features from Marvel or DC (or whomever)?

    Also, considering April 20 is coming up and you’re all living in a very forward-thinking state, ever thought of maybe doing a discussion of something 420-friendly like Bluntman and Chronic (or an even better stoner-ish recommendation)?

    • Also wanted to share the following cover with you guys:


      I had actually come across this while looking up other stuff about TDKR, and at the time it re-ignited my Darkwing Duck fandom. I picked up the first trade, and it is hilarious, full of homages to all sorts of comics and pop culture. Definitely more written for people who had grown up with the show than for kids, worth looking at if you remember this show in the least.

    • Thanks Jon!

      Covering animated shows is a good idea. I think we talked about it at one point, so it’s definitely an idea we’re interested in. I feel like we talked at one point about possibly doing a rifftrax-style voice over, versus a traditional review? Anyway we’ve got it in mind, although probably not in the immediate future.

      As for the 20th, as proud Washingtonians we take the high holiday very seriously. Bluntman and Chronic aside though, I’m not coming up with a lot of stoner comics off the top of my head. If you (or anyone else) would like to email us some recommendations, maybe we can come up with something though.

      The Darkwing cover is pretty dope. I’m going to forward that to Manix, who pitched DD on the show at one point. The comic was awesome, it’s a shame the Marvel purchase killed it and Ducktales.

      • Ziggy Marley’s Marijuana Man
        Created By: Ziggy Marley
        Written By: Joe Casey
        Art & Lettering: Jim Mahfood

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