One comment on “Bonus Episode 3 — The Worst

  1. I know we touch on this later in the episode, but ever since we recorded it I’ve been agonizing a bit over my references to “gay nude hot tubbing.” It may be a case of my being overly sensitive, but I don’t think I adequately explained myself. I wanted to stress that I’m a-ok with any combination of the words “gay”, “nude”, and “hot-tubbing” that you’d like to make.

    Rather, my problem was with the hyper-macho implications of the scene in question. It’s not a question of the characters’ sexuality, but rather the expression of straight male power dominance by dressing two straight male characters as women and having them perform sex acts on two other (presumably) straight male characters that I found irksome. Maybe there’s a word for that which I’m not coming up with.

    Anyway, talking about that comic gets me all riled up, and I wanted to be sure my point was clear, lest anyone take offense.

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