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This year marks the 75th “birthday” of Batman, arguably one of the most popular comic book superheroes on the planet. While Bats has been in the public eye for years recently Batman has reached almost celebrity status.  It’s not hard to see why either.  He answers to no one, has unlimited gadgets and funds at his disposal, drives some of the best vehicles ever conceived of and, has his pick of beautiful women lining up to be with him.  Oh, and don’t forget that he can kick ass.  In fact, it’s that last quality that I believe has catapulted him to the superstar heights he currently exists at.  There is only one problem with all of that. It misses the point entirely. Continue Reading

There are few characters in comics that are as misunderstood and dismissed as the one called The Man of Steel. So I figured we could have a little talk about Superman through the filter of pop culture. See, I have a few ideas about why Krypton’s last son is so derided. So I’ve decided to share these ideas because I believe that Superman is as dynamic and compelling as any other character.

Now before we start, I feel like I should say that I didn’t always have the love for Superman that I have now. In fact, despite the fact that I loved the Richard Donner movies well into my adulthood, I had written off Superman as a comic book hero by the time I had gotten back into comics as an adult. I found his relationship with Lois Lane to be more of a punch line than a statement. I found the idea of a godlike alien espousing the morality of Middle America to be corny and quaint. Damn. Just typing that out makes me want to yell at myself.

Now that I know Supes a bit better I’ve come to a different conclusion. Continue Reading

On the podcast we frequently speak about women in comics, which in some ways mirrors the larger conversation happening in geek culture at the moment. In the realm of comic books, a lot of that conversation focuses on the “war of women” that has been going on over at DC comics the past couple of years.

A friend of the show recently posted a link on her blog which I found very interesting. I feel it gets to the heart of why pairing Wonder Woman with Superman furthers the sexist nature of comics and demeans both characters:

Why Superman/Wonder Woman is the most patriarchal concept to ever exist at DC Comics.

I recommend you check it out, and if you’re interested in a more in depth look at the origin of Wonder Woman—as well as some other thoughts regarding how monumentally awful this whole debacle is—you should check out that first link above.