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Fan Art Thursday

Hey everybody! A listener of the show recently got in touch with us to share some fan-art he’d drawn of yours truly, the View from the Gutters gang. He asked if he could send some prints our way, and we said “yes, obviously, that would be hell of dope.”

The prints just arrived in the mail, and man oh man do these guys look slick. So first to Ali Jaffery, thanks buddy! We’re totally going to hang one of these bad boys up on the studio wall. Second, if any of y’all like Ali’s artwork you can check out his art blog at You can check out more of his cool art, and maybe even pick up a print for yourself why not.


Top of the Stack is a weekly show presented by View from the Gutters that highlights single issue comics that were released that week.

Hosts: Andrew Chard, Eric Manix

Title card designed by: Eric Trautmann

This episode we discuss:
0:46 Grayson #1
3:49 New Suicide Squad #1
5:36 Spread #1
7:48 Spider-Man 2099
10:38 Empty Man #2
13:32 Great Pacific #16
18:48 100th Anniversary Spider-Man
20:39 Superior Foes of Spider-Man #13
22:56 Death Vigil #1
24:02 Lumberjanes #4
25:36 Detective Comics #33
28:30 Royals: Masters of War #6 of 6
32:26 Shutter #4
34:37 Daredevil #5
34:54 Worlds Finest #25
36:12 Federal Bureau of Physics #12
36:55 Black Dynamite #3
38:51 Deadly Hands of Kung Fu #3
39:52 United States of Murder Inc #3
40:54 Winter Soldier: Bitter March #5
41:39 Rai #3
42:15 Captain Marvel #5

Collected Editions:
42:57 Chronicles of Conan vol 27
43:55 Animal Man vol 6
44:19 Bruce Wayne: Fugitive
44:46 Rocket Girl

Top of the Stack: Spider-Man 2099 #1, Spread #1

We’re changing our format for the Long Run slightly for the next episode of the series. Rather than reading an entire run of a series, we will be following the chronology of a particular character: Stephanie Brown.

Unfortunately due to the age of the material portions of it has never been collected in trades or are out of print. Many of these issues are available digitally through Comixology. I have tried to provide links where possible to the older material. We apologize deeply to any of our listeners who have difficulty reading along with us on this one.

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Unfortunately it seems our recording of Top of the Stack for this week was irreparably corrupted. Chard has been tried to recover it for a few days with not much luck. Since it’s already Sunday, we’ve decided to just scrap it. Apologies to everyone who was looking forward to it.

Top of the Stack will return as normal next week.

Chard fixed it! Here, officially, is Top of the Stack for June 18:

And Our Winner Is…

Our giveaway for a copy of Batman: The Long Halloween The Absolute Edition has been completed, and a winner has been selected. First a big thank you to everyone who reviewed, liked, followed, or subscribed to us over the past month. We hope that you enjoy the show and that you’ll continue to follow us as we grow and evolve our plucky little operation.

We plan to do additional giveaways in the near future, so keep a lookout for the next one. We’ve discussed possibly doing an art contest—although we’d like to involve everyone, not just our listeners with art skillz—or perhaps a “pitch us a book” giveaway. No decisions yet though, so please send us your suggestions for what sort of contests you would like to see us do in the future.

For right now, however, the winner of our first comic book giveaway is one of our Youtube subscribers, username: thebirdcenter.

If that’s you, congratulations. We’ve sent you a message through Youtube, please respond to us ASAP so we can get your prize out to you.

Thanks again everybody, and good luck on the next one.

Back Matter is a new comic book roundtable discussion show focused on all things news worthy in the world of comics. From the big buzz around the latest comics to comic book movies and TV shows. Look forward to a rotating panel of hosts on this semi weekly podcast. Feel free to email us discussion ideas or any comments or questions you might have at

This week, on Back Matter, Eric Manx gives us his report on all of the panels he attended at Emerald City Comic Con.

Our hosts for this episode are Andrew Chard, and Eric Manix

This weeks top of the stack is up now!

Sorry about the poor audio this week, we had some issues with the recording

Top of the Stack is a weekly show presented by View from the Gutters that highlights single issue comics that were released that day.

This episode we discuss: Batman and Aquaman #29, Batman Beyond Universe #8, Gravel Combat Magician #2, The Witcher #1, Superior Spider-Man Annual #2, Fuse #2, Lazarus #7, Prophet #43, Undertow #2, Superior Foes of Spider-Man #10, Daredevil #1, Marvel Knights Hulk #4, Ms Marvel #2, Thor God of Thunder #20, Winter Soldier #2, Ghost Rider #1, Uncanny X-Men 19.Now, Superman Unchained #6, X-Men #12, Iron Man #23.Now

Collected Editions: Green Arrow vol. 4, Batman Bruce Wayne Murderer, Batman by Doug Moench and Kelley Jones vol. 1, Death, Saga vol. 3, Wasteland vol. 9, Okko vol. 4

Top Picks: Thor God of Thunder #20, Ms Marvel #2

Keep up to date with everything going on with the show at

Hosts: Andrew Chard, Eric Manix, Matt McGinnis