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This week on View from the Gutters our topic work is:

The Omega Men – The End is Here

Story by…. Tom King
Art by….Barnaby Bagenda, Ig Guara, Toby Cypress

From Amazon:

Kyle Rayner, the White Lantern, is dead. And the Omega Men killed him. On live TV. They’re a criminal gang, a terrorist organization, a fanatical cult.

And they’re the only hope for freedom this godforsaken sector of the universe has.

No matter what the citizens of the Vega System think they saw, the White Lantern lives…as the Omega Men’s prisoner. What they really want him to be is their latest recruit in their relentless war against the all-powerful Citadel and its tyrannical Viceroy.

As Kyle gets to know this motley crew of outlaws, he’ll question everything he knows about being a hero. In this strange system where the Green Lanterns are forbidden, will he break his oath and join their revolution? Or will he discover that the Omega Men are monsters in the end?

Brant says:

I’m sorta obsessed with this book because I am convinced I am both missing something and “getting” something from it. It was talked up quite a bit and it clearly has a strange taste. More political thriller than superhero story our group chews on the text quite a bit and I feel like we walk away from it sorta shell shocked (well maybe just me). The art throws us for a loop but I certainly enjoy the bulk of the books imagery. I’m sure there is some yelling in there somewhere. I have added some references to the end of this post because there are some interesting opinions about what the book “is” and “means”and I mention them in the post so want to follow through and acknowledge those other writers that helped me as I read the book.

Our hosts for this episode are Brant Gillihan-Eddy, Joe Preti, and Tobiah Panshin.

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