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This week on View from the Gutters our topic work is:

Bitch Planet

Written by . . . . Kelly Sue Deconnick
Art by . . . . . . . . Valentine De Landro, Taki Soma, Robert Wilson IV
Color Art by . . . Cris Peter, Kelly Fitzpatrick
Lettering by . . . Clayton Cowles

Bitch Planet is a feminist science fiction series in the style of exploitation films, set in a near-future in which patriarchal domination of Earth has reached the level of orthodoxy. Women are made entirely subservient to men, and any woman who is deemed “non-compliant” for any reason can be exiled to a prison facility on a distant world known colloquially as “Bitch Planet.”

The series follows several such women, examining their lives and histories, as well as the world and society they left behind. The main protagonist of the series is Kamau Kogo, a woman of color who is trying to find her already incarcerated sister, and who—through a series of events—is forced into captaining a team of prisoners to compete in the world’s most popular sport: Megaton.

Our hosts for this episode are Tobiah Panshin, Brant Gillihan-Eddy, Kit DeForge, Kayleigh Fleeman, and Cade Reynolds. On our next episode we will be reading Alex + Ada, Vol. 1-3.

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