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This week on View from the Gutters our topic work is:

Daredevil: Love and War

Story by . . . . . . Frank Miller
Art by . . . . . . . . Bill Sienkiewicz

From Goodreads:

Daredevil: Love and War, in which the notorious Kingpin of Crime must rescue his own wife from the clutches of extortionists.

Brant Says:

I love the terseness of the blurbs for this book. Considered by many to be one of the great hidden gems of Miller’s Daredevil work, this is a book that features a lot less Daredevil than one might expect but helps to serve as a defining work for the Kingpin. I miss this one due to illness but our intrepid hosts discuss the book in depth and tear into the problematic Miller onion and some of his issues with women, men, superheroes, and so on and how he serves as a source for modern stories and how the critique of that works is also used to source modern stories.

Our hosts for this episode are Kit DeForge, Joe Preti, Kayleigh Fleeman, Adam Panshin and Tobiah Panshin. On our next episode we will be reading Pedro & Me.

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