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This week on View from the Gutters our topic work is Hawaiian Dick, by B. Clay Moore and Steven Griffin. First released in 2002, Hawaiian Dick is a supernatural noir comic which takes place in 1950s Honolulu. and follows the adventures of Byrd—a former mainland police detective who has moved to Hawaii to escape his past.

He is, however, soon recruited by his friend Mo (also a detective) to investigate a stolen car, and the two friends quickly find themselves up to their ears in mystery. The series is drawn in an interesting and colorful style, and it has a lot to recommend it to fans of the noir/detective genres.

In our recommendation section our hosts nominated The Wake, Captain Britain and MI-13, Captain America: Castaway in Dimension Z, and Chew for discussion on the next episode, and our selected title is The Wake.

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Our hosts for this episode are Andrew Chard, Tobiah Panshin, Joe Preti, and Cade Reynolds.