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This week on View from the Gutters our topic work is:

Kill Six Billion Demons – Vol. I

EVERYTHING by…. Tom Parkinson-Morgan

Brant says:

Lets play a game first read these two synopsis…

From Image:

In this collection of the first story arc of the popular webcomic Kill Six Billion Demons, sorority sister Allison Ruth must travel to Throne, the ancient city at the center of the multiverse, in an epic bid to save her boyfriend from the clutches of the seven evil kings that rule creation. Includes excerpts from in-universe religious texts, stories, and more.

From TVTropes:

God Is Dead. Far beyond Earth, The Multiverse is in chaos as criminals rule and callous kings maintain a fragile peace. One day, a mysterious and bloody figure appears to a barista named Allison Wanda Ruth, and bestows her with an Ancient Artifact known as the Key of Kings. In the process, Allison finds herself suddenly transported to the final resting place of the gods in the exact center of the multiverse, the red city of Throne. Allison must now travel through Throne and the 777,777 universes of creation to save her kidnapped boyfriend (even if he is a creep) and stop the plans of the stone angels, masked demons and mad god-kings that want her Key for themselves.

Brant says:

So remember when I said last time about East of West “Its a lot to take in…I honestly think this is the kind of book we are lucky to get in a world where comics has broken out as a medium the way that it has…. That said, its got a flavor that some may find off-putting…”?

YYeeeaaaaahhhhh. If the synopsis comparison hasn’t given it away this work is pretty darn intense. Joe found it VERY off-putting, I am weirdly mixed on it, especially since recording the episode and mulling it over more and Tobiah seem pretty much all in. Adam seems between me and Tobiah? Probably closer to Tobiah than me.

So this is a weird read… And I mean that in like a very dictionary way, it has an odd flavor that isn’t like anything else and that can be a great thing if it hits you right. This book has found some very solid fans much in the way (as we briefly discuss) things like Homestuck or even something grander like Star Wars has in that its found a fan base that’s become interested in not just the text but the mythology and relationships of the back matter and so on. Not every work gets that level of attention.  Join use next time as we swing back into superheroes for Black Panther: A Nation Under Our Feet.

Our hosts for this episode are Brant Gillihan-Eddy, Joe Preti, Adam Panshin and Tobiah Panshin.

In this episode Tobiah references The Land of Make Believe, by Jaro Hess.

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