One comment on “Episode 28: Fafhrd and the Gray Mouser

  1. Toby’s mom here. Your discussion threw me back to when I was fourteen and reading Two Sought Adventure, the hardcover collection of the earliest Fafhrd/Mouser stories which had come out a few years earlier. It also reminds me of how eager I was to read Conan after that — and how disappointing I found those stories when I finally did catch up with them, because compared with Leiber they were slow and static and talky. Howard was a pulp writer, but Leiber was something very different. His first Fafhrd/Mouser stories were published not in Weird Tales but in Unknown — the fantasy companion to Astounding Science Fiction — and they had to meet the post-pulp standards of rapid pacing and uncluttered prose that were being set by Heinlein and Asimov. This is why Leiber’s stories come across as “modern” even today, while Howard’s have to be heavily adapted to appeal to a contemporary audience.

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