One comment on “Episode 35: Erfworld

  1. Excellent review and banter. You guys nailed the “Erfworld” genre. – You may also want to check out “Order of the Stick” more of the D&D in crowd. (Lost me after 3rd edition)

    This title may be too mainstream, but people really need to know about Bill Willinghams DC “Fables” series. The most intelligent treatment of Fairy Tales vr Modern World. If you love cultural references this is the book. I believe this series is being optioned for movies. Being a Game of Thrones fan (Books!). I think the Fables series has the potential of “LOST”, in the right hands. You will never look at “Snow white” & “The Big Bad Wolf (Bigby)” The same way again… Completely Epic World Building and Narrative..brilliant…Willingham completely understands the dark fairy tail roots..and takes no prisoners.

    Keep up the good work.

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