2 comments on “DC and the Evolution of Superheroes

  1. Great post, I can’t agree more with what you said. I find it really hard now to read any title distributed by DC. For years before this shift into flashpoint all I ever did was talk up DC and how it’s stories have towered over Marvel’s books. Due to the shift that Flashpoint brought to the DCU, I feel like I’ve been spit in the face for all the years I spent $200-300 dollars a month on titles that mean nothing now. It’s honestly sad to see what DC established from years of building of great characters like Cassandra Cain and Conner Kent is washed away due to the desire to transition to books that will easily translate to film. I feel as the last 13 years of Comic book movies have ruined Comics in a whole. Which is unfortunate due to as a fan wanting to see my favorite books brought to the silver screen has become its biggest downfall. Hopefully like you said with the reemergence of Wally West and Stephanie Brown will show some familiarity of the old universe. (Also apologize if my grammar and punctation is off.)

  2. I was in the library today and I overheard a little girl who might have been six or seven telling her father, “I like Spider-Man. Some girls do like Spider-Man.” He then seemed to be asking her if she knew who Batman and Superman were, and she said she did but she didn’t sound nearly as interested.

    It struck me as sad that little girls have to be defensive about liking any superheroes — but also interesting that Spider-Man would be her preference.

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