2 comments on “Episode 56 — RASL

  1. Hey guys love the podcast. Just a suggestion for future reads… How about sonething by Matt Kindt? Maybe the first two trades of Mind MGMT or his OGN Red Handed? Might be interesting to hear you talk about some of the good New 52 stuff like Batman or Soule’s Swamp Thing?

  2. Thanks for the suggestion, John. I haven’t read anything by Kindt myself, but I’ll pass the suggestion along. It’s always good to expand our horizons and talk about things we’re not familiar with.

    As I’m sure you’ve noticed the New-52 is a point of some contention, but I know that Court of Owls was pitched before. I have a feeling that we might be edging up to one, and if no one else does, I may pitch Wonder Woman once Azzarello’s run finally concludes. So stay tuned on that front.

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