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  1. Hey Guys – Great podcast! Elfquest is amazing. A few bits of reaction:

    –Dark Horse is republishing the first three story arcs (Original Quest, Siege, Kings) in big fat, graphic novels in the original black and white — which you should totally give a try, because Wendy’s inking is stupendous. The first 720-page book is slated to be out in August 2014. You can pre-order it at https://amzn.to/KmEn9j

    –Totally agree with all your comments about character and clothing design. Wendy is the one of the best of all time when it comes to this.

    –Also totally agree that Wendy’s page and panel design and genius.

    –The coloring of the Original Quest on the Elfquest website was done digitally by Wendy in the mid 2000s under DC for the 4 archive books they published. The Siege and Kings coloring is from the mid 80s printed books and done in a flat animation style, not by Wendy (and suffers for it IMO).

    –DEFINITELY ask Wendy about her experience reading manga and watching anime as a kid in the 60s when you see her at Emerald City.

    –You can read Wendy’s “Stormbringer: Law and Chaos” art book about her attempt to create an animated film from Michael Moorcock’s Elric stories at https://www.masque-of-the-red-death.com/law_and_chaos/

    –Would LOVE for you to do a podcast on the Final Quest, currently being published by Dark Horse. Issue #2 comes out this week and it’s off to an amazing start.

    • Hey there! Thanks for leaving the reply.

      I wanted to clarify that I (Cade Reynolds) did not know it was originally printed in Black and White, however my first experience of Elfquest was in the digest size editions from Dark Horse (I think that’s who published it). I had thought at the time that it was only in black and white to be cheaper to print, but its great to see that the intent of the black and white was because that is how it was originally published. I am looking forward to this new edition and cant wait to experience it how it was intended.

      When the Final Quest is finished, I will absolutely recommend we read it to discuss on the podcast if Tobiah doesn’t beat me to it. Thanks again for the comment and listening. This is why we do it in the first place and love to get people’s reactions and comments. Discussion is always good for the industry as a whole, regardless if the topic is well known or not.

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