One comment on “We Need to Have a Talk About Bruce (Why Everything You Know About Batman Is Wrong).

  1. So, I’m not against the basic premise of this post (which seems to be that the Nolan-verse Batman is a bit… off, shall we say), but there’s a larger subtext which I think bugs me just a bit. It seems to be that you’re proposing that there is a “correct” way to portray Batman, a One True Batman (OTB) if you will.

    Now, I’m not a heavy stickler for continuity in the slightest. In fact, I am actively interested in new, different takes on characters that have existed for decades and decades. Though I agree that What If God Was One of Us Batman (WIGWOoUB) is a bit silly and leads to incredibly boring and uninteresting stories, I don’t think he is inherently incorrect. I think this Batman can serve a purpose in a story designed around this purpose. I have a hard to buying that any premise can be outright dismissed because almost any premise can worked if written correctly.

    Now, WIGWOoUB is particularly boring when it comes to storytelling and a story that could actually show off his particular skillset in an interesting light seems difficult. Asshole Batman, on the other hand, can be used to great effect. Regardless of your feelings on Asshole Batman, I find that Asshole Batman makes a wonderful foil especially in team up stories. Granted, this does throw a wrench into a few concepts. It especially makes Batman seem a bit like an idiot for not utilizing every weapon he has available, like, say, another superhero.

    And at the very least, Asshole Batman still uses his brain. So, there’s that.

    While the Nolan-verse Batman is bad, I think it has more to do with the fact that there are countless plot holes that result from the characterization he chose, rather than the characterization itself. It might feel wrong as a devoted fan of the character, but I’m of the opinion that no take on a character is inherently wrong. It all depends on if they can pull if off or not, and Nolan most certainly did not.

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