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The Long Run takes place outside of our normal continuity of episodes, and features table discussion of an entire work or long selection of a series. In this episode of The Long Run??we talk about??X-Statix, by Peter Milligan and Mike Allred. For this episode we read??The X-Statix Omnibus.

Originally called X-Force, this team of reality-show superheroes took over both the name and comic of the original X-Force with issue 116 of that series. After 13 issues the series and team were renamed and relaunched in X-Statix #1, that series lasting for a further 29 issues before cancellation.

Released in 2001,??X-Statix??sits at the far edge of the Marvel Universe.??It came??out during a strange, experimental time for Marvel Comics, sharing shelf space with Morrison’s??New X-Men and the first wave of Ultimate Marvel comics. It focuses on a team of media-obsessed celebrity mutants??who spend more time worrying about their popularity and endorsement deals than they do saving the world.

Vain, petty, and prone to bickering, the??X-Statix??serve as a cynical and satirical examination of popular media told through the lens of a world populated with superheroes. It also examines many of the tropes that underpin the superhero genre itself, most notably the apparently immunity to death or lasting harm that most heroes seem to enjoy.

On the next??Long Run, we will be changing our format slightly.??Instead of reading an entire series, we will be reading a selection of comics all featuring a specific character. For episode 8 we will be following the career of Stephanie Brown, aka Spoiler (aka Robin [aka Batgirl]), from her initial introduction to the end of the pre-52 DCU.??The exact list of issues can be found??here.

Our hosts on this episode are Andrew Chard, Joe Preti, Kirbotron 2000, Tobiah Panshin, and Cade Reynolds.

Top of the Stack is a weekly show presented by View from the Gutters that highlights single issue comics that were released that week.

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This week on View from the Gutters our topic work is??JLA: A League of One, by Christopher Moeller. While it says Justice League on the cover, this is at its heart a Wonder Woman story. Released as a graphic novel in 2000,??A League of One is beautifully illustrated in a full painted style by Moeller, who handles every duty on this book save lettering.

In the masterfully painted JLA: A LEAGUE OF ONE, Wonder Woman, a hero with irreproachable morals, must make a choice between betraying her teammates and saving their lives. While visiting her homeland of Paradise Island, Wonder Woman learns from an oracle that an ancient evil will rise up in the form of a dragon and destroy the JLA. Painstakingly deciding to sacrifice her own life for those of her teammates, the Amazon Princess individually defeats and dispatches Batman, Superman, Aquaman, Green Lantern, and the Flash so that she can fight the dragon alone. But even if Wonder Woman is successful in her gambit, will she ever be able to regain the trust of the JLA? []

In our recommendation section our hosts nominated 3 Elseworlds titles (Gotham by Gaslight, Speeding Bullets, and In Darkest Knight.),??X-Men: Eve of Destruction, 47 Ronin, and Black Science for discussion on the next episode, and our selected title is??Black Science, Vol. 1.

We invite you to discuss both this episode and its topic??on??our subreddit.

Our hosts for this episode are Andrew Chard, Tobiah Panshin, Joe Preti, and Cade Reynolds.

Unfortunately it seems our recording of Top of the Stack for this week was irreparably corrupted. Chard has been tried to recover it for a few days with not much luck. Since it’s already Sunday, we’ve decided to just scrap it. Apologies to??everyone who was looking forward to it.

Top of the Stack will return as normal next week.

Chard fixed it! Here, officially, is Top of the Stack for June 18:


This week on View from the Gutters our topic work is??Daredevil, Vol. 1, written by Mark Waid with art??by Paolo Rivera and Marcos Martin. Daredevil is one of Marvel’s classic characters with a long and sorted publication history. This new??Daredevil series (which began in 2011 and is still ongoing)??focuses on Matt Murdock as he tries to put his life back in order after his secret identity has been revealed to the public at large???an event which continues to have repercussions for him in both identities.

Rivera and Marcos’ artwork??on this book??is fantastic, with a great deal of effort put in the depicting the??in many ways unique way in which Daredevil perceives and interacts with the world. Waid is a masterful comics storyteller, and he is firing on all cylinders in this comic. This series is a breath of fresh air for??a character that has tended towards repetition in recent decades, and in many ways feels like a trailblazer for the style that Marvel has been pushing in their Marvel NOW relaunch. In our recommendation section our hosts nominated NYX, Deadpool: The Merc with a Mouth, Sin City, JLA: A League of One, and Gunnerkrigg Court??for discussion on the next episode, and our selected title is??JLA: A League of One. We invite you to discuss both this episode and Daredevil??itself on our subreddit. Our hosts for this episode are Tobiah Panshin, Joe Preti, Brant Eddy, the Kirbotron 2000???, and Cade Reynolds.


It’s another Bonus Episode! Our previous .NOW was so popular we’ve decided to try??it again. Once again our topic work is??Rat Queens, Vol. 1: Sass and Sorcery, by Kurtis Wiebe and Roc Upchurch.??Rat Queens??is a fantasy comic in the tradition of Dungeons and Dragons. It follows the adventures of the eponymous Rat Queens, an adventuring party composed of four women of various races and classes, set in the town of Palisade.

This episode is a follow-up to our previous episode discussing??Rat Queens. We invite you to discuss both this episode and Rat Queens itself on??our subreddit.

Our hosts for this episode are Andrew Chard, Allison Poppy, Kelly Okler, Joe Preti, and Cade Reynolds. Allison and Kelly can be heard regularly on their own podcast,??Out of the Fridge,??along with Eric Manix.

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