2 comments on “Episode 79 — Hawaiian Dick, Vol. 1

  1. First, I appreciate you crate digging for Dick.

    Couple of notes: Steven Griffin is actually the artist on three of the four issues contained in the second trade (Nick Derington did the other), and he did most of the backup stories in the third series, which has yet to be collected (and you can see his growth as a digital artist there). The second trade (The Last Resort) is different tonally, by design.

    The third series (Screaming Black Thunder) was primarily drawn by Scott Chantler and colored by Steven, with Steven doing backups in most of the five issues.

    The fourth series is drawn by Jacob Wyatt, and will be five issues. My WordPress blog is almost current, and somewhere in there is information on ALOHA, HAWAIIAN DICK (as well as other stuff I’ve done and do):


    It’s always a difficult to hear people dissect your first “real” work in comics, but it’s nice to hear that people are still discovering the book. The observation about “abrupt” transitions are spot-on. That’s something I realized after seeing the book in print (in fact, the transitions in the second issue are better than in the first issue).

    We pitched three issues because we (incorrectly) assumed it would be easier to get a shorter series approved. There’s no doubt we could have used more room to breathe. That’s one reason the trade has fifty bonus pages.

    And, yeah, we had definitely planned to come out more regularly. The third series was even intended as a monthly. Circumstances kept knocking us out, but I hope you guys do check out the other books, and the last one, upcoming.

    • Thank you for taking the time to listen and respond, and for the clarifications. As readers it can be hard to tell what’s authorial intent versus what is a product of editorial or publisher constraints.

      One of the limitations our weekly show is that we try to limit the amount of reading to one or two volumes, and we don’t always have the space to examine a work in its entirety. So we’re all definitely acquainted with the idea of needing more room. Hopefully we’ll have opportunity to read one of your more recent works in the future.

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