7 comments on “Episode 95 — Four Eyes

  1. Towards writing a comic as a pitch and such. I think Doug TenNapel is a great way to explain this. In his book Creature Tech (Image rec drop here. Rec on the show Chard) he says in a letter that he had the intention of having Creature Tech as an animated movie because things like Iron Giant blew his mind. He wrote Creature Tech as he saw all the animation writing boards he had been working with. He never got the movie deal but he had all the story boards down. He then turned it into a comic because he wanted this idea of his out, and I think it worked out amazingly well. The book has so many ideas that I think would have worked well in both mediums but I love the comic. I would have loved to see an animated space eel in a movie though.

    • I really like Creature Tech and have been debating whether or not to bring it in as a pitch, despite Chard’s dominion over all things image. I didn’t know that it was originally intended to be a pitch for an animated film though. That is pretty neat.

  2. Question(s) for the next episode regarding the author, Chris Roberson:

    One of the comic books I remember being the most torn if I actually liked it or not is iZombie. I remember the storyline very vividly but at the same time I feel like it never reached its full potential neither in its parts neither as a whole. The latter can be easily explained by how the book has been cut short due to cancellation. Have any of you read the comic and if so, what’s your opinion about it?

    Also: have you read any of the other more recent works of Roberson at Dynamite Entertainment? How do they hold up?

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