One comment on “Back Matter #11 — Spawn and the Birth of Image

  1. I just happened to be going back and reading Spawn all the way from the beginning, so this episode was really timely for me, I thought I was maybe the only person reading Spawn at this point in time. I really like the acknowledgement of Alan Moore’s issue #8, this was the first issue of Spawn I had bought as a kid, it completely creeped me out, but it was great re-reading this issue after having become a fan of Watchmen and Tom Strong. Also really liked how someone mentioned how Spawn was really just an amalgamation of everything that was currently selling in comics at the time, that had never actually occurred to me before but completely makes sense in retrospect.

    Keep up the good work, I’m afraid I can’t say I’m a regular listener, but I go back and pick certain episodes to listen to based on whether or not I’ve read the book being discussed, and all the episodes I’ve listened to so far have been great.

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