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  1. I would like to comment on Back Matter #8.NOW ??? Art vs. Artist, where Joe made snark remarks regarding anti-SJWs.

    Look, I live in a post-communist country, Hungary. The trends I see currently dominating social and cultural fields in Western academia share the same roots with the political and economic foundations of the Marxist-Leninist regime that kept my people oppressed for almost 50 years and we still haven’t recovered from the transition to a liberal democracy yet as demonstrated by our current populist quasi-dictator Viktor Orb??n (tiny Putin as some of us call him). It all goes back to the Frankfurt school, which cleverly turned the liberation of the proletariat narrative into the emancipation of the oppressed, when they realized that there is no chance mobilizing the lower classes of American society against the bourgeois, since technically every American of the lower- to upper-middle classes still qualify as bourgeois compared to the European population of the early 20th century, regardless of gender, sexuality, ethnicity and so on and so forth. The Frankfurt School of thought is the basis of human sciences as thought in universites in the States (and in Europe as well, mostly). Yet, you still have your Wall Street cronies, your economical fascists described as lobbyists in Washington and media moguls essentially setting cultural trends for a better profit. All this cultural and social post-marxism (AKA the majority of the so called social justice movement) amounts to is dividing the society into conflicting subcultures arguing about pointless bullshit and semantics while actual social progress is at a complete halt as it has been for 25 fucking years now globally. And anti-SJWs are the second biggest problem when it comes to assholes like Woody Allen, Bill Cosby and other multi-millionare celebrities with sexual predator tendencies who take advantage of their status and fame? Really?

    BTW, I pledged to your Patreon, because even though we have our differences, you guys still make the best comic related podcast show on the internet.

    Take care.

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