2 comments on “Episode 100.NOW ??? Watchmen, The Movie

  1. I find it funny how your all sitting around lamenting the violence against women, but where is your outrage when their is violence against men? I’m sure that you have all sat around talking about what a cool fight it would be to see either two superheroes or a super villain and a superhero go at it. The sound of smugness in your voices was grating to me as you made yourselves sound so morally superior and harbingers of peace. We should clear up some things first off we live in a violent society people, always have, always will. This cold fact is just human nature, see for yourself by watching your local or world news. Also Laurie and Dan didn’t “murder” anyone from what I had seen and read they both entered an alleyway and where “attacked” by a gang that where going to physically harm them. You see when you fight back against this type of attack it’s called self defense. Also Dan and Laurie didn’t shoot anybody during the attack in the movie, I believe that it was another gang member that fired the gun the victim just moved the other attacker to take the bullet shots. Last but certainly not least what happened between the comedian and the silk specter is what one would call an “attempted” rape. their was no penetration, the comedian was interrupted before it could go that far. Don’t get me wrong rape and attempted rape is very wrong, but you should get the facts straight before you use your pulpet to preach to the masses. Violence is bad, but the world has never been a safe place, whether your a man or a women. Just think about how much you rallied against violence towards women the next time your favorite superhero hits a bad guy and you are enjoying it on a certain level. Just my two cents

    • I’m responding to this against my better judgement, but what the hell.

      1) I have decried all violence, by or towards men and women alike, on more than one occasion. We did a Back Matter episode recently that was significantly dominated by that topic, as was a significant portion of our recent episode on Lazarus.

      2) When you’re a superhero who is apparently capable of incapacitating people non-lethally at will???as both Dan and Laurie do at other times throughout the movie???and you then turn around an stab someone in the neck, that’s murder in my book. Yeah he got shot in the back by another gang member, but he was already a dead man at that point.

      3) I’m not sure what moral distinction you think there is between “rape” and “attempted rape.” At the point that you’ve committed to the action, you’re a rapist, regardless of whether or not someone physically stops you from going through with it.

      4) If you’re seriously making a “what about the men?” argument, you need to seriously and honestly examine your presuppositions about the treatment of women in our society. If you can earnestly make a statement like that with a straight face, you’re not paying attention.

      5) I really am astounded that this has to be a thing that is argued, but the mere existence of violence in society is not a justification for said violence, nor does it necessitate its continuance. Honestly.

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