One comment on “Singles Club #7 ??? AdSVENtures

  1. Hey, thanks so much for saying so many nice things about my comics. Just to clarify, the octopus thing was very much a coincidence. The second comic I sent, Bait, well… I don’t script the comics beforehand, I sort of just go off the cuff. I got to a part in the comic where a little octopus jumps in Sven’s boat and someone who was watching me live on my Twitch stream suggested that perhaps Sven could have a new sidekick for the rest of the adventure, and I ran with it. So what would have been a solo adventure into the bowels of a big fish became a team effort.

    I like the idea of Sven making friends as he goes. My most recent comic, Space Cadet Sven #2, a lot of the characters he encounters aren’t what they seem. I don’t really have a mandate or moral or anything, but a lot of the comics kind of have them pop up organically, just in trying to make Sven a “pleasant” and “positive” character.

    Again, thanks so much for the kind words. This is a hobby for me and it’s really encouraging to see people react positively.

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