One comment on “Amazing Fantasy #15 (Aug. 1962)

  1. You’re bringing back memories. In August 1962, I was off having college interviews and stewing about Congress handing over the communication satellites to private corporations. (Telstar, launched in July 1962, really belongs in your story, since it changed the way we conceive of the world.) Then, a little over a year later, I’d started college and the word filtered down in my dorm that there was this weird girl on the third flood who had comics pasted on her door. So I went to have a look and she’d taped up a single strip from a Spider-Man comic in which Spider-Man is walking home in the rain and his Spidey-suit is sopping wet because it isn’t made of super-duper alien fabric, and he has a running nose, and he’s brooding about how this sort of thing never happens to other super-heroes. And I was instantly hooked.

    That was the start of a chain of events. My roommate and I became friends with the girl who was putting up the comics. A few months later, she lured us both off to get involved with science fiction fandom — which was how I eventually met Toby’s father. So it’s absolutely fair to say that Toby wouldn’t exist if it wasn’t for Spider-Man and his runny nose.

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