One comment on “Strange Tales #101-103 (Nov. 1962)

  1. A few historical comments.
    1) It was the popularity of foreign films in the early 60s that helped break the stranglehold of the Hays code. (Hey, you didn’t think all those college students were suddenly fascinated by French philosophy, did you?)
    2) They were starting to tiptoe around the Comics Code by 1968, when someone showed me an issue of Sgt. Fury in which he’s starting to get it on with his girlfriend — then the next panel, where the sex would be if they could show you the sex, is just a rose — and then the panel after that is something innocuous again.
    3) Eleanor Roosevelt also died in November 1962. It was the day after the election, and my only consolation was that we’d never be bothered by Richard Nixon again. Yeah, right. You can’t trust a supervillain when they try to tell you they’re gone for good. They always pop back up again.

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