There was an absolutely great article posted to reddit today drilling down into an issue of Morrison’s Animal Man. If you listened to our episode on Animal Man and are interested in a more in-depth look, I high recommend this:

The Foucault Gospel:??Grant Morrison, French Philosophy, and One Mangy Coyote

Now many of you have probably read ???The Coyote Gospel.??? ??It???s one of the most famous single issues in comics history, and for good reason.?? For me, it marks the moment when Grant Morrison truly found his voice as a writer???the moment he went from simply writing clever and skillful comics to producing something far more profound.

On the podcast we frequently speak about women in comics, which in some ways mirrors the larger conversation happening in geek culture at the moment. In the realm of comic books, a lot of that conversation focuses on the “war of women” that has been going on over at DC comics the past couple of years.

A friend of the show recently posted??a link on her blog??which I found very interesting. I feel it gets??to the heart of why pairing Wonder Woman with Superman furthers the sexist nature of comics and demeans both characters:

Why Superman/Wonder Woman is the most patriarchal concept to ever exist at DC Comics.

I recommend you check it out, and if you’re interested in a more in depth look at the origin of Wonder Woman???as well as some other thoughts regarding how monumentally awful this whole debacle is???you should check out that first link above.



Buzzfeed has published a list of 60 comics everyone should read??(actually 120, if you count all of the “what you should read next” suggestions).

It’s by no means comprehensive, but it’s a very good list which I would recommend for anyone who’s never read comics before and isn’t sure where to start. There’s a number of works which I haven’t read which I’ll definitely be checking out.