Hiatus (again)

We got a question about this recently, so I suppose an update is long overdue???with apologies for anyone who may have been concerned or disappointed by the lack of updates.

Bottom line up front: The House of Jack and Stan is on hiatus for the time being.

Slightly longer version: I???Tobiah???have been preoccupied over the summer and fall with attending grad school. My initial intention was to continue releasing episodes on slower schedule, but school has ended up taking all of the time which I would otherwise spend researching and editing episodes, and more. I’ve tried to continue working on podcasts, but the time to produce episodes of a quality I’m happy with has simply not been there.

It’s possible that circumstances may allow us to release new episodes in 2020, but only time will tell. As always stay subscribed to our feeds, follow us on Facebook or Twitter, and stay tuned for future announcements. And our deepest thanks to everyone who has listened to our myriad ramblings over these past years.

Hey everybody. We have a bunch of announcements to make, so we made a special mini-episode to cover all the upcoming changes/events here at View from the Gutters.

If you don’t want to listen to the episode, here’s a quick run-down:

1. Voting

We’re making a pretty significant change to the way we make the show, starting with the next episode. After some long conversations behind the scenes we’ve decided to get rid of our voting method for picking the books that we read. There are a few reasons for this, but the short version is that we unanimously agreed that we felt constricted by only knowing what book we’d be reading 1 week ahead, were unhappy??with the politics of the voting, i.e. certain books not getting picked despite strong??support.

The upside for you as listeners is that we’re now going to have a calendar (which you can already see on the right-hand sidebar) of the next 6 books we’ll be discussing. So you can read ahead if you want, and we strongly encourage you to email us??with your questions and comments so that we can include them in our discussion when we record.

2. Patreon

We’ve once again revised our funding levels on Patreon. You can check out our Patreon page??for details, but here’s the big one: we’re going to open our livestream up to everyone who decides to support us at any funding level. We’d love it if you’d contribute to the show, and join us while we record the show. You can even yell at us in the chat channel, or talk to other listeners.

As a special incentive (and this is something we may repeat from time-to-time), we’re going to let absolutely everybody join us on the next??livestream. We’ll flash this link a couple more times in the next week, but you can click here to go to the livestream page. Join us on Wednesday, March 9 at 8pm PST when we talk about the Parker books, by Darwyn Cooke.

3. Emerald City Comic Con

Emerald City is coming up in about a month. We’ll be in attendance, and we’ll be having an informal meet-up for anyone who would like to say hello. The meet-up will be on Saturday, time and location TBD.

We’ll also be in attendance for our good friends Out of the Fridge’s panel on Saturday at 6pm. We think it would be awesome if you could be there too.

Thanks for reading.

On Feb. 6 we participated in a panel discussing creatively expressing your fannish interests, hosted by the University Place Library in University Place, WA.

On this panel were Tobiah Panshin, Kayleigh Fleeman, Kit DeForge, and Audrey Preti (with Joe yelling things from the audience).

Joining us was Gil Lawson, author of the comic series Charlatan. You can learn more about Gil and Charlatan at

Hey everybody. We had an announcement at the top of this week???s episode that I wanted to repeat in writing: Andrew Chard has made the decision to step away from View from the Gutters in order to focus on producing new video content for Gamma Bomb, Andrew???s channel on Youtube.

Chard is not just a, but the founding member of the show, and he has been instrumental in its production these past few years. The significance of his contribution cannot be overstated. We are all deeply appreciative of him and the time and effort that he???s put into making View from the Gutters a success. We also wish him the best on his future projects.

As for View from the Gutters itself, the show will continue to come out weekly just as before. However, you may notice some small changes to the show in the coming weeks and months as we adjust to a new workflow and move into our 4th year of the show???the first of which is a brand new intro theme tune composed by Joe Preti.

Comments and questions are welcome, as always. Thank you all for listening, and we hope you???re having an excellent holiday season.

Andrew Chard can be found on Youtube at his channel, Gamma Bomb. He will also continue to feature as a contributor to Out of the Fridge.

Hi everyone. We???ve had a couple of logistical issues crop up here at VtfG this week which proved an insurmountable obstacle to our regular recording: there has been a massive riot, culminating in a breakout from cookie jail. Cookie felons are on the loose!

As a result episode 146 will be delayed. However, the new episode of The Long Run???discussing Elephantmen???is already in the can and being edited, so we will be releasing that episode on Monday in place of the regular episode. We should be back to our normal release schedule very soon, but we ask that you bear with us in this time of cookie chaos.

Thank you all for your patience as we get things sorted here. We love you all very much, and Happy Thanksgiving to our listeners from US. To everyone else: happy totally regular Thursday/Friday.

Just a quick announcement: we’ve been catching up on uploading episodes to our somewhat neglected Youtube page. All of the regular episodes are now up there through Episode 133???the latest episode released.

Now that those are up to date we’ll start on the backlog of Long Runs, Back Matters, and other bonus episodes. New episodes will continue to be uploaded within a day of the podcast release, so if you prefer to subscribe to the show through Youtube you can feel free to do so without worrying that you’ll miss anything.

We’re going to be attending Emerald City Comic Con this weekend in Seattle, and we’d love to say hello to any of you that are attending as well. To that end we’re going to be hanging out in the atrium lobby??on the 4th floor from about 2-2:30pm on Saturday. That’s the big glass area by where they sell all the merch, and cosplayers tend to hang out.

Chard, Joe, Tobiah, and Kayleigh should all be there (unfortunately Brant and Cade aren’t attending the con). So stop by and give us a high-five so we don’t just feel like a bunch of dweebs. We’ll also be tweeting and throwing some pictures up on Facebook, internet permitting, so keep an eye there all this weekend for updates. Hopefully we’ll see some of you there.


You may have noticed that the podcast was a little late getting out the past couple of weeks.??This has been due to Andrew Chard???who edits the episodes after we record them???starting a new day-job, which threw his schedule into disarray. Between that and the constant struggle to get both View from the Gutters and Top of the Stack out on Wednesday, we’ve decided it’s best to move the release day.

So effective this week??View from the Gutters is going to be moving back to Fridays. This way??we hopefully won’t have more delays, and if we can get the episodes prepped ahead of time we may even be able to nail a consistent time of day to release. Thanks for listening everybody, and we’ll see you back here on Friday.