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This week on??View from the Gutters??our topic work is??Daytripper, by Fabio Moon and Gabriel Ba. It is the critically acclaimed story of the life and deaths of??Bras de Olivias Dominguez. Each issue follows Bras at a different moment in his life, and each one ends with his demise. It is a meditation on the nature of life and death, and about stories.

It is an experience far outside the mainstream of comics, and one not to be missed. The artwork is rendered in a beautiful style which expertly complements the story, which is equally tender, uplifting, and heart-wrenching.

In our recommendation section, our hosts nominated Private Eye, Vol. 1;??Guardians of the Galaxy, Vol. 1: Cosmic Avengers;??Spacetrawler; and Planet Hulk for discussion on the next episode, and our selected title is??Private Eye. It is available digitally on a “Pay What You Want” basis (including free) at??https://panelsyndicate.com/.

Our hosts for this episode were Andrew Chard, Joe Preti, Tobiah Panshin, and Cade Reynolds.