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On this episode, we discuss Incredible Hulk #5-6 and Tales to Astonish #39-43.??

We also discuss the events of January 1963. Our theme for this episode is Telstar, by The Tornados


  • The Beatles landed at New York International Airport (later renamed JFK).
  • George Wallace has been dead for 20 years (thank goodness).
  • Theories regarding electromagnetism date back to the early 19th Century.
  • You can see Magneto defeated by a wooden gun here:
  • Rick Jones wielded the Destiny Force.

On this episode, we talk about The Incredible Hulk #2-4, featuring the first appearance of The Ring Master, and shooting the Hulk into space!

On this episode, we talk about The Incredible Hulk #1: The Hulk! and??Fantastic Four #4:??The Coming of the Sub-Mariner!

These issues include the first appearance of many of the Hulk’s core cast, including Rick Jones, “Thunderbolt” Ross, Betty Ross, and Bruce Banner himself; while FF features the return of one of Marvel’s first characters, Namor!

These issues have cover dates of May 1962, and we discuss some of the events which occur during those months.

RIP Stan Lee.