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This week on View from the Gutters our topic work is:

Dr. Strange: The Oath

Story by . . . .??Brian K. Vaughan
Art by . . . . . . Marcos Martin, Alvaro Lopez, Willie Schubert
Letters??by . . . . Javier Rodriguez

From Goodreads:

Doctor Stephen Strange embarks on the most important paranormal investigation of his career, as he sets out to solve an attempted murder – his own! And with his most trusted friend also at death’s door, Strange turns to an unexpected corner of the Marvel Universe to recruit a new ally.

Brant Says:

Tobiah lurvs himself the Oath…but I do too. Joe is maybe not as impressed and I have some questions about certain plot elements. We do however agree that the book is B E A Utiful and a number of its half page splashes are worthy of a print to hang on the wall. We note some of the fun similarities to the now out and successful Dr. Strange MCU film and talk about whether or not this story works best stand alone or was meant as the start of a new series. We argue about kissing…which you really just have to listen to the podcast to understand.

In addition to our own conversation about this book, Tobiah sat in with Arc Reactions this week to discuss the same book.

Our hosts for this episode are Brant Gillihan-Eddy, Joe Preti, and Tobiah Panshin.??On our next episode we will be reading Hellboy in Hell.??

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This week on View from the Gutters our topic work is??Daredevil, Vol. 1, written by Mark Waid with art??by Paolo Rivera and Marcos Martin. Daredevil is one of Marvel’s classic characters with a long and sorted publication history. This new??Daredevil series (which began in 2011 and is still ongoing)??focuses on Matt Murdock as he tries to put his life back in order after his secret identity has been revealed to the public at large???an event which continues to have repercussions for him in both identities.

Rivera and Marcos’ artwork??on this book??is fantastic, with a great deal of effort put in the depicting the??in many ways unique way in which Daredevil perceives and interacts with the world. Waid is a masterful comics storyteller, and he is firing on all cylinders in this comic. This series is a breath of fresh air for??a character that has tended towards repetition in recent decades, and in many ways feels like a trailblazer for the style that Marvel has been pushing in their Marvel NOW relaunch. In our recommendation section our hosts nominated NYX, Deadpool: The Merc with a Mouth, Sin City, JLA: A League of One, and Gunnerkrigg Court??for discussion on the next episode, and our selected title is??JLA: A League of One. We invite you to discuss both this episode and Daredevil??itself on our subreddit. Our hosts for this episode are Tobiah Panshin, Joe Preti, Brant Eddy, the Kirbotron 2000???, and Cade Reynolds.


This week on??View from the Gutters??our topic work is??The Private Eye, by??Marcos Martin, Brian K. Vaughan, and??Muntsa Vicente. Set in a privacy obsessed future 40-some years after an event known as “the cloud burst”,??The Private Eye is a weird an colorful detective story.

In this world the internet has been abandoned and forgotten, and privacy has become so de rigueur that no one leaves the house without a disguise on.??It follows paparazzo-for-hire P.I., who is hired to do a background check the client themself, and???as one so often does???soon finds himself at the center of a murder-mystery dodging thugs and evading the police press.

The Private Eye is published as a digital exclusive, and is????available on a ???Pay What You Want??? basis (including free) at??

In our recommendation section, our hosts nominated Dr. Strange Vs. Dracula: The Montesi Formula, Hard Time,??The Immortal Iron Fist, and Okko for discussion on the next episode, and our selected title is The Frank Book.

Our hosts for this episode were Andrew Chard, Joe Preti, Eric Manix, Tobiah Panshin, and Cade Reynolds.