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This week on View from the Gutters our topic work is Princeless, written by Jeremy Whitley and drawn by Mia Goodwin, Emily Martin, Rosy Higgins, and Ted Brandt. The series follows the adventures of Adrienne, a princess placed in a tower guarded by a dragon who decides that waiting in a tower to be rescued is dumb. She escapes from the tower, befriends the dragon, and together the two launch on an adventure to save Adrienne’s seven similarly imprisoned sisters along with any other princesses they might encounter.

Along the way they make many friends—including Adrienne’s constant companion Bedelia, a teenaged half-dwarf blacksmith—and several foes. The series is fun for all ages, and features both a female protagonist of color and an extended metaplot regarding feminism and gender roles which is presented in a manner that is accessible to younger readers.

In our recommendation section our hosts nominated Gladstone School for World Conquerors, Letter 44, Southern Bastards, Federal Bureau of Physics, Tank Girl: Skidmarks, and Alex + Ada for discussion on our next episode, and our selected title is Federal Bureau of Physics.

Our hosts for this episode are Tobiah Panshin, Brant Gillihan-Eddy, Joe Preti, Kayleigh Fleeman, Kit DeForge, and Cade Reynolds.