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This week on??View from the Gutters??our topic work is??Swamp Thing, by Brian K. Vaughan with art by??Roger Petersen and Giuseppe Camuncoli. Published in 2000, this volume of??Swamp Thing follows the daughter of Alec Holland, Tef?????a hybrid human and plant elemental, who travels the world in search of personal understanding and to find a way to balance the two sides of herself.

In our recommendation section, our hosts nominated Wonder Woman: Hiketeia, Captain Marvel, COPRA, Daredevil: Guardian Devil, and??Nimona??for discussion on the next episode, and our selected title is??Wonder Woman: Hiketeia.

We invite you to discuss both this episode and its topic??on??our subreddit.

Our hosts for this episode are Tobiah Panshin, Joe Preti, Brant Gillihan-Eddy, Kayleigh Fleeman, and Cade Reynolds.