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Welcome to episode 3??of Singles Club!??This is our new short-format show where every so often one of our hosts will take a little time to talk about a small-press, indie, or webcomic. If you have an independent work you’d like to share with us, send us a link or digital copy at

This week Tobiah??takes a look at??Outcasts of Jupiter #1, by Shobo and Shofela Coker. It is available??for $3 from Comixology, or at

Outcasts is a science fiction book, set a thousand years in the future, at a time when Jupiter has become the hub of the solar system, leaving Earth a cultural, political, and economic backwater, and it stars a group of mercenaries???exiled from Jupiter???who have come to Earth to break one of their team out of a Moroccan prison.

As with last time we’ve included a few preview images of the comic. Continue Reading